Rink Technology


SMIF 6"/8" Fab automation

Semiconductor automation originates from the prevention and avoidance of frauds in daily fab  operations. As  semiconductor  technology  and  business  continuously  advance  and grow, manufacturing systems must aggressively evolve  to meet the changing technical  and business  requirements  in  this industry.   Semiconductor  manufacturing has  been suffering pains from  islands  of  automation.  

The problems associated  with these systems are limited flexibility and functionality, low level of integration, and high cost of ownership.   Thanks to the  recent  technological advances  that can provide  significant  approaches in  dealing  with these  problems,  we are  able  to realize  the promise  of semiconductor  manufacturing  with sound automation and integration.

For further information to automate your 6″/ 8″ Fab using SMIF loadports, please contact us via mail.